Sunday, January 1, 2017

Asher: fifteen months

Asher's fifteen month birthday is also the start of a new year: 2017! What a big year this has been for our little guy. We can't imagine life without him. 

Growth/ development
After his fifteen month well check in January, I will add his height and weight. He wears the same size 5 shoes that he's been wearing, 18 month clothing (And sometimes 24 month clothing, especially if he has a cloth diaper on!), and has seven teeth. He's been drooling hardcore for the last month. It makes me wonder if he's working on molars, but none have appeared yet. 

He went from a few tentative steps at the beginning of the month to full on toddling just before the New Year. It seems that if he's playing a game, or holding onto something (like a ball, or Christmas wrapping paper), he's more confident to walk longer distances, such as across the room. 

Asher regularly uses the signs for more, please, and all done. When he signs "please," he also says the word. 

We can't believe how much this guy talks!! His words include: please, cheese, cracker, keys, hot, hat, more, hi, buh bye, bath, bottle (baba), no no no, garbage truck, tractor, choo choo, and juice. 

He knows the sounds for lion, duck, horse, sheep, cow, pig, and dog. Sometimes he meows like a cat. Ha. 

Sleep/ schedule
Despite two cross country (and cross time zones) trips this month, Asher was a champion sleeper. Most nights he slept 12-13 hours straight. A few nights he woke up once for a bottle, then quickly put himself back to sleep. 

He also transitioned to one nap this month. He handles the day best if his nap is around 12pm, and he usually sleeps 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the day and circumstances. He took a lot of naps in different places this month, but handled them all very well. We are grateful for this good little sleeper, especially considering how poorly he slept for his first nine months AND that his big sister is now sleeping far worse than she has in her whole life. Oy! 

Asher's appetite varies greatly from day to day and from meal to meal. It's hard to get an accurate understanding of how much / when he wants to eat, since we've been traveling and out of our routine so much this month. Some of his favorite things to eat are mashed potatoes, clementines, berries, ham/ pork, and bread of any kind. He loves to snack, and he loves to drink milk from bottles. 

Asher is such an active, rough and tumble guy. He is so busy, always on the move!! He loves to explore, especially outside. He is a social butterfly, and enjoys playing with Charlotte and hanging out with friends and his family. He loves to wrestle with Joel and plays sort of rough with Charlotte (sometimes it's well received, sometimes... Not so much ;) )

Fifteen months is such a fun age! So much to learn, so much to do, and so many words to babble!