Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a new blog for a new chapter in life

With the big baby announcement over and done with, let's move on to some nitty gritty details!

I've created this new blog to be more baby-focused. It will chronicle our journey to that first positive test, week-by-week stats as the pregnancy progresses, issues and questions we consider, baby registry ideas, and so much more. In these early stages of the new blog and in pregnancy, I will attempt to write chronologically, but it won't be perfect. Show me some grace, wont ya? :)

My desires for this space are three-fold:

1. That I can look back here and remember how I felt, the way my bump grew, what I feared, and lessons I learned.
2. That Baby 'Berts can someday look at these photos and read these words and know how much he/she is loved.
3. That readers will have a glimpse into my heart and my faith; that I will point to Jesus who is my Lord.

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