Monday, July 29, 2013

First trimester: nausea and my arsenal

Now that we are safely into the second trimester of pregnancy, I've decided it's a good time to share some of how the first trimester went down.

Almost immediately upon finding out about the baby, way back in May, I was hit by nausea. Though I'm luckier than others in terms of sickness, I had many days of icky, achy exhaustion. Joel was super patient during the hardest weeks, which actually ended around the time we went to Granada. Here are some other things that got me through:

1. Sleep!!!! I went to bed much earlier than usual and as soon as school was done, I started taking naps a lot and slept in if possible. I am seriously blessed to be pregnant in the summer when I don't have to work. Praise God!
2. Small meals and snacks all day long. My hardest times are when my stomach is even close to empty. I have start carrying almonds, cheese sticks, Kind bars, and trail mix EVERYWHERE. I read that small meals really help and it's totally been true for me.
3. Staying hydrated. My stomach was really upset at first and I blame it mostly on the heat and my lack of water intake while subbing. I drank a bunch of ginger ale, some fruit juice, lots of water, and an occasional iced coffee so far this pregnancy. Just now at the grocery store I was dreaming up drinks with little or no sugar. Here's what I came up with for tonight: naturally flavored Polar seltzer water with a little bit of cranberry-raspberry juice. The juice has sugar, but not tons, and I only put in a little bit. We'll see how this goes.
Some other random things that helped were a microwaveable heating pad (that I used for my minor aches the first few weeks), staying cool, walking daily, and avoiding any foods that didn't look good. I KNOW healthy eating is important in pregnancy, but my general philosophy was that if something made me hurl it wasn't going to do the baby a lick of good. Hopefully we are on the upswing in terms of nausea so I will be able to focus on intentional, healthy eating from here on.

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