Sunday, November 24, 2013

pregnancy: week 30

Our little one is really growing! At this week's midwife appointment, I measured 31 centimeters when I was only just barely 30 weeks along. That's great news, in my opinion. I hope she keeps getting bigger at a nice, steady rate.

Week 30
3 years of marriage under our belt (as of 11/20)!
1 night away in Princeton celebrating our third anniversary
2.5 hours spent reading "The Birth Partner" at a Princeton coffee shop
15+ times I interrupted Joel's reading to share something I'd found completely fascinating about labor, birth, or post-partum recovery
25 Christmas cards arriving in the mail from Tiny Prints
1 maternity dress returned because, sadly, it didn't quite fit
30+ minutes with our midwife, who told us things are progressing perfectly and baby's heartbeat is strong!
5 thank-you notes sent. Only about 30+ still to go.

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