Sunday, December 8, 2013

Domestic failures

This week I've been lacking in the domestic side of life.

One day I stayed at school longer than anticipated and by the time I got home just couldn't muster the energy to make chicken pot pie for dinner. It's not hard or complicated; I've made it many times before. But the idea was daunting to me and I just wanted to eat. Fast. With no effort. So we walked down the street for a burger and all was fine. But the secondary effect of my laziness is that we don't have any leftovers and thus our lunches the next day were rather lame.

A few hours later I decided I wanted to make my Grandmom's big, soft, chewy, ginger cookies to take to a party. But the cookies bombed. They turned out terribly! I followed the recipe exactly and can't figure out what went wrong. Just look at them...
I come from a long line of domestic winners, so sometimes I take my kitchen failures pretty hard and get down on myself.

But the thought of cooking with my daughter helps keep things in perspective. She (and hopefully any other future kiddos we have!) will learn a lot from me- in the kitchen and in life. My attitudes and self-confidence will affect hers. The words I say and the things I do in response to my cooking frustrations will make a difference in her life. My response to my family when I'm annoyed or upset at myself will influence the way she learns to respond to others- to her dad, to me, to both of her domestically-inclined grandmothers, to future siblings, to friends, etc. It's humbling and heart-warming all at the same time.

PLUS: something I am NOT failing at is growing our wiggly little worm. She is so much bigger now and my belly keeps expanding to give her more room. :)

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