Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who am I?!

Pregnancy has done weird things to me. Sometimes I don't recognize myself. It's strange and occasionally alarming. Here are a few examples.

I have to literally tell myself aloud to do things: "Kelly, step out of the shower." "Okay, turn off the oven now." "Stop. Stand up."

Sometimes I drink hot coffee (decaf) just because it sounds good.

I finished shopping for my family's Christmas gifts less than 24 hours before I went to visit them. This is not normal.

My lists are frenzied and disorganized and I can't seem to get things done on them. (So I just do what anybody would do- throw out the list and start a new one. Right.)

Meal planning is no longer fun. My Pinterest board isn't providing any inspiration and nothing sounds exciting when I write it down on my weekly meal planning paper.

I have had a pile of stuff for the thrift store sitting on the living room floor for over a week. I finally moved it. To my backseat. Where it's been sitting for three days.

Sometimes I forget what week of pregnancy we are in. How embarrassing.

I also get weeks behind in blog posts. I haven't put up a 33 week picture but we are over halfway through week 34 already. Holy smokes!

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