Thursday, January 9, 2014

pregnancy: week 37

Lookit me, posting all early this week.

We're 37 weeks and 5 days in here, folks. So basically 38 weeks. And totally full-term. This little lady can come anytime, in my opinion!
Week 37
0 comfortable positions for standing, sitting, or laying
5 days back to school
20 kiddos who are DYING to know this little one's name
3 nights of heartburn... it doesn't stop
1 negative test for group B strep. WAHOOOOOOO-- no antibiotics during labor!
4 nights when I woke up thinking my water had broken. Only to realize I was sweating and the crib mattress pad I'm now sleeping on had absorbed the sweat so it didn't soak into our mattress. Ha. Gross.

5 new cloth diapers purchased!!! (our total is now 9)
10-15 irregular but still uncomfortable contractions per day