Sunday, January 12, 2014

the finished nursery

Right off the bat I feel the need to say I'm not super excited about these photos. I took them in the morning when the bright sunshine was reflecting off the 6 inches of snow outside both windows.

BUT I am super excited about our girl's completed nursery, which is just waiting for her arrival so we can all enjoy it together!
The funny space between the two gray frames on this gallery wall will hold a turquoise letter for baby's name. It's hidden in the closet until she actually arrives. My generous mom helped me arrange the entire wall AND kept her eyes closed so we could check the letter's fit without her seeing it. Thanks, Mom! :)

So many of the things in this room were given with love, saved from my childhood bedroom, or hand-made by friends or family members.

All the items were carefully chosen and the room already brings Joel and I such happiness. Sometimes I catch him in there, just looking around. More often he catches me in there, just rearranging the clothes. Again.

Also, here's a budget breakdown and list of where all the fun stuff in the nursery came from, if you're interested:
crib: wal-mart (gift from Grandma Alberts)
crib mattress: amazon (bought with $ from a friend)
dresser: found on the side of the road and re-finished/re-painted by us! The gray paint was left over from our bedroom. Free
curtains: similar from IKEA. $20
closet curtain: this set from IKEA. We only used one for the closet; the other is still available for use.  $10
elephant poster with frame:  IKEA, too. $20 total
white photo ledges: $20 for two
rocking chair: moved from our living room Free
off-white lamp on dresser: clearance at Marshalls $22
assorted wire and wicker baskets: Marshalls/TJMaxx clearance About $35 bucks total
pink "baby 'berts" banner: handmade by my friend Becca for our shower <3
gallery wall: (cross-stitch frame and Japanese girl in tree- from my childhood room; colorful landscape- made by Joel's Oma; curious George canvas- gift from my mom last year; colored paper in gray frame- wrapping paper I purchased at a boutique in Baltimore last year; kissing photo- taken on our first trip to Washington state together about 2 years ago) Free
clock: IKEA $15


  1. You come by your considerable skills honestly - Your Mother is a gifted decorator/remodeler.

    1. Thanks, Uncle Ed. Mom taught me well :)

  2. It's adorable Kelly! So excited to hear the news of your sweet girl's arrival :)

    1. hmm… i feel like i worded that weird. so excited and *anticipating* the news of your sweet girl's arrival!

    2. Not weird at all. We will be excited to share :)