Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Charlotte, 1

Dear Charlotte,

This is a tricky post to write because I can't begin to put into words how completely smitten I have become since seeing your little face two months ago today.

Everything has changed. I'm myself, but not. You're here and now I am different, your dad is different, and our whole world is just a tiny bit better.

The song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" now holds new meaning... When I listen to the words, I can't help but imagine future dance parties and sleepovers and nail painting. Your sweet face comes instantly to mind and I daydream about you growing up, hanging out with me, having adventures.

I'm only starting to get a glimpse of your little personality, but you are AWESOME! Inquisitive, sensitive, and a bit impatient. You love to stretch your growing body and look out the bathroom window. You stick out your tongue to explore anything within reach. You take your time waking up and you can't really handle the feeling of a wet, stinky cloth diaper on your bum.

People say you're my "mini me" and I think we definitely look alike. But you've got the look of your dad about you, too. Plus, you're just yourself in many ways. Not Joel or Kelly, just Charlotte.

Sweet girl, you are so much fun! I love you and I love being your mom. I am so grateful that God put you in our family. I'm so excited for our future together!


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