Monday, March 3, 2014

my better half

Today is my better half's birthday and I dedicate this post and this day to celebrating him!

As I mentioned in my birth story post, Joel was the absolute best support person during labor and delivery. He's my number one fan in all things related to Charlotte's care.  He advocates for me to breastfeed. He holds me when I cry. He lets me talk on and on about the mundane tasks of days with a newborn. He steps up to wash basically all the dishes because Charlotte sometimes nurses after dinner and my hands are occupied. He gets up to help with middle-of-the-night diaper changes and re-swaddles. He patiently gives his opinion and his support on big & small decisions.

PLUS, he is the absolute sweetest dad. Joel and Charlotte often read books together and he wears her with pride in our Ergo carrier, either for a day at the zoo or just walking around the house to help her sleep before dinner.
He is a champion diaper changer and bath giver and super tight swaddler. Charlotte CAN'T break out of the sleep sack when Joel puts her to bed, which means she sleeps longer and cozier. Awesome!
Joel loves Charlotte so tenderly; he snuggles her when she is mad and whispers sweetly to her as they walk around the house.  He carefully tucks her little arms in her clothes during changes and says, "Hi!" so so brightly when she wakes up from her naps.
One of my most sacred memories from Charlotte's first few days is the way Joel cared for my heart during the struggles of new motherhood. Charlotte and I were figuring out nursing and often when I was holding her, she was crying and frustrated. Once she settled down and was resting peacefully, Joel would bring her (all snuggled up!) to me so I could have a turn hanging out with a quiet, content baby. He would say, "Here, Mom. You need to hold her while she's happy." <3
Joel, you are the most amazing husband and dad ever! I love you and Charlotte loves you!

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  1. Your blog is making me teary all the time now! =D Love hearing about your mommahood and familyhood.