Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Charlotte, 4

Little one, 

You are a mystery to us! At 6:45 tonight I started nursing you. By 7:15 your tummy was full and you were fast asleep in my arms. I set you in the crib and you stayed soundly asleep. I came downstairs, made dinner, talked to your dad, and sat down to eat. We figured you were out for the night. 

At 8:30 you started whimpering, then fussing louder, then full out crying. I went up and snuggled you, but you weren't happy with that and you cried harder when I put you back down. We waited about 5 minutes, then your daddio came up to try the same thing. You screamed bloody murder at him and wouldn't settle down a bit. 

After a few more minutes, we came up together. We changed your diaper and quietly read a book together. Then your dad kissed you goodnight and I put your owl in your arms. 

You snuggled up to me and held your owl tightly. After 2 minutes I put you quietly in your crib and kissed your chubby cheeks. 

Not a peep was hard on the monitor and when I checked in 10 minutes later, you were completely asleep! 

We are dumbfounded! We cannot fathom why you woke up or why you settled so easily after that. You sure keep us on our toes, Charlotte Adeline! 

Lots of love, 

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