Thursday, July 24, 2014

First food: red peppers!!

Even though I was adamant about waiting until Charlotte turned 6 months old to start solids, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. And dinner time can be a desperate time. Charlotte is almost always fussy, I'm starving, Joel's patient. Things can be chaotic & rushed.

We have been keeping thin slices of watermelon rind in the fridge because we know she likes them, but one night I didn't have any ready. Charlotte was antsy and Joel was still trying to finish his food. I asked if he was okay with giving her some food, he agreed, and we grabbed some slices of red pepper we had in the vegetable drawer. 

Charlotte was thrilled! She gnawed and nibbled on the pepper sticks happily while we finished our dinner. She was sitting on my lap and grabbing the pepper with both hands. At one point she got a small bit in the back of her mouth, looked surprised, coughed, swallowed, and kept going. We were so proud! That's exactly what we want her to learn! 

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