Friday, August 22, 2014

summer vacation, part 3 (Poconos!)

Our big travels are over for the summer & we are happy to be home sweet home.

BUT! We had an awesome week with my parents in the Pocono mountains last week and I'd love to share a few photos of our adventures.

Our first full day was the only warm, sunny day we got all week! Fortunately, my parents looked at the weather and warned us in advance so we could take full advantage. The cabin where we stayed was very close to two lakes; we let Charlotte splash around in the smaller lake before we checked out the outdoor pool. Charlotte is such a fish! She was sooooo happy being in the water. 
Just look at her grin here:
Later in the week we took a boat tour of Lake Wallenpaupack, which was really interesting & beautiful. I figured Charlotte would sleep so I wore her in the Ergo. Much to my surprise (why do I continue to be surprised??), our social butterfly baby was far more enthused to be sitting on her dad's lap, looking around, and smiling at other passengers...

On our last full day, Charlotte was boycotting her morning nap so we decided to roll with it. We spent about an hour enjoying the indoor pool. I continue to be amazed at how much Charlotte likes to play in the water. She can kick her little feet and sometimes even splashes her hands as if she is "swimming." SO.DARN.CUTE!

On the days in between, we hung out together at our cabin. Charlotte did a lot of sitting up, playing with new toys, and trying new foods. She didn't sleep well at all, but seemed flexible enough to handle it okay. (Fortunately, as soon as we got home she went immediately back to her excellent patterns- falling asleep with little or no crying, and staying asleep through the night. Phew.)

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for sharing your Poconos vacation week with us!

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