Monday, September 22, 2014

teething today // 2

Teething today is you sitting on my lap while you play. When I put you down and sneak away to grab a drink or fix lunch or use the bathroom, you play for a few short minutes before whining and looking around for me again.

Teething today is bringing back the infant pacifier. The one you used for about a month but haven't touched in a long, long time. Teething today means you want it to hold and chew and move around in your little mouth. 

Teething today is some tears at nap time. And a middle of the night wake up where only nursing would suffice. 

Teething today is some extra snuggles and a few more rides in the ring sling. 

That was teething yesterday. This is teething today.

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  1. Joel was telling me a little about this at school today..."dad and Charlotte had a little talk at 4 am..." praying for you guys and for your sweet girl!