Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday favs

In the course of Charlotte's two hour afternoon nap, I've made two separate batches of cookies for our church's 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday. I've also checked Facebook multiple times, read a bunch of blog posts, and sampled more than my fair share of aforementioned cookies. Ahem.

I figured I should pass along some of the awesome reads I've found lately. So, without further ado:

1. This blogger's baby is just a bit older than Charlotte and she's doing a great job documenting their journey with baby led weaning.

2. What a beautiful, breath-taking account on bravery, parenthood, and faith. Wow! This site often knocks it out of the park, but this post in particular... wonderful.

3. One of the cookie recipes I used. Delicious!

4. Tucking away these tips for taking kids to the grocery store. Right now my only tip is to switch Charlotte from the cart seat to the ring sling if she gets antsy partway through. Well, that, or just leave her at home asleep with Joel while I go shopping alone :)

And now for some Friday favs that aren't blog posts. Just photos of my beautiful babe.

5. The photo below (Things to note: the death grip on her play gym, the surprised/slightly nervous expression, the stretched neck of a onesie she JUST started wearing, the high-waisted-diaper-bootylicious jeans...)
6. This photo: ever so curious!

Hope y'all have a gorgeous fall weekend <3 

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