Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Charlotte, 9

Dear baby (big) girl,

This week I have been overwhelmingly proud of the way you are growing up. One morning I cried as I told you how much I love you and admire you. Your puzzled face as tears flowed down mine made me giggle, but still I cried. 

Here's what did it: you have this fun stacking toy from IKEA that you've been using for months, but only to tip it upside down and dump all the pieces on the floor. Your dad thinks it's hilarious and tries to re-stack it again quickly before you come back to dump it again. :) 

But one day this week you started putting it back together all.by.yourself. With much concentration and very careful effort, you put each piece onto the peg and (over time) filled the whole toy with the rings. I was impressed with your dexterity, but what really struck me was the way you persevered...

Because the rings in the holes are small, it takes a lot of work to get the rings onto the peg perfectly. You have to get an exact aim and balance, all at once. Over and over, the ring would fall onto the floor and you would pick it back up and try again. And then again. And again. You played with that toy for over fifteen minutes, babe, and only at the very end of that time did you get frustrated and whimper out of annoyance. It kind of broke my heart to see you frustrated, but I was really amazed at how long it took for that to happen. 

You blow me away, Charlotte girl. I love to watch you play and learn and grow and develop. I am so proud of the way you keep trying when things are tough and I respect your positive attitude in the midst of frustration. You inspire me to be more patient, kinder, and gentler. You are bringing out my best parts, and I am so grateful. 

I love you sweet babe, 

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