Friday, January 30, 2015

On why I'm not sad that my baby is turning one

I'm not sad that my daughter is turning one this weekend.

There. I said typed it. 

Maybe I'm cold hearted. Or unsentimental. 

But I'm not sad because I'm so happy! I am truly joyful about this big, milestone birthday! 

I am so incredibly proud of how Charlotte has developed this year. I am so incredibly grateful for the lessons we have learned as a family and the ways we have stretched. We have laughed and cried and danced and played this year. We have become stronger and wiser and more patient and more fun this year. 

Charlotte has grown (physically, of course- she has almost tripled in weight and is more than a foot taller than she was at birth!) and discovered and explored this year. She is a completely different child than she was last year, with curly hair and teeth and a personality that's full of spunk. I am completely different, Joel is different, and our family is so much more wonderful than it was before Charlotte joined us. 

So I guess I'm not sad because I'm full of joy at the life we have. I'm not sad because I'm grateful to have a healthy, happy girl who is developing at an alarmingly fast (but wonderful!) rate and who brings such goodness to our home. I'm not sad because babies are supposed to grow and change because God made them that way. I'm not sad because we as parents are simply caretakers of these beautiful beings who were created in the image of God for His glory. 

If I start to think about the day Charlotte will graduate from college, I might get a little bit sad. 

But today I'm not thinking about that. 

And I'm not sad that she's turning one tomorrow. I'm thrilled.

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