Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Six months of baby led weaning

You wouldn't believe how snobby I can be about my daughter's great eating habits.

Actually, if you are around me regularly at all, I'm sure you can easily believe how snobby I am about my daughter's great eating habits.

It is one of my major mommy hang ups: feeling prideful that BLW has worked and so confident that Charlotte eats a balanced diet because we introduced solids this way. I admit my pride. Though I obviously haven't yet confessed and repented...

Anyway. After six months of baby led weaning, I can confidently say that it was one of our best parenting decisions. Charlotte sits pleasantly (for the most part!!) with her family at the dinner table. She tries new foods. She eats vegetables. She eats fruit. She usually eats meat. She definitely loves carbs :)  She always interacts and sometimes waits patiently while the rest of us enjoy our meal. She is drinking less milk over time and seems to be a very healthy little girl. 

Though Charlotte is a normal child and has her preferences and opinions which are irritating and confusing, I have zero regrets about introducing food this way. It was incredibly easy to help her learn to eat solid foods and required very little prep work on my part. She has no problems with spices or difference textures. She does throw food on the ground and she often tries to toss her water glass over the edge of her tray, but I don't think that has anything to do with how we introduced food. :)

I probably won't be doing many more posts about baby led weaning (much to my fathers's relief! Hi, Dad!) :) Solids are a regular, routine part of our life these days and there isn't much more to say about Charlotte's eating habits. 

If you have questions about the subject, please don't hesitate to ask me. BLW is one of my favorite topics of conversation. That is, if you don't mind me forcing my opinions down your throat, errrr, I mean, gently guiding you away from the dark side of making your own mushy baby food, I mean.... 

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