Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Charlotte, 12

Dear little love,

The ground outside is still sopping wet and some places have snow, but spring fever has got us bad. All day long, you stare curiously out the window and then you squeal with delight the second I open the front door. You wave to the birds, the trees, the passing cars...

We've gone to the playground three times in the past ten days. And all three times you've come home with your pants, jacket, and shoes completely covered with wet, soggy wood chips. Today I finally wised up and put on your black leggings before we left the house (they won't stain!). You think the slide is the best thing ever, and you are very interested in climbing back UP it once you slide down. After a few attempts, you scoot to the ground, crawl around, climb up the steps, and then wriggle your little feet up so you can go down the slide again. Backward. On your tummy. 

It's basically the cutest thing ever and my heart beams with pride as I watch.

I try to stand back and give you space to explore. I try to ignore how dirty you are getting, and I cheer when you successfully land at the bottom of the slide without falling onto your knees in the mud. 

Whenever you want something (anything!) you give the sign for more.

"More what?", I ask. "More hugs? More Momma? More fun?"

You never answer to tell me specifically what you want more of. But I can tell you this, my girl: I will always want more of you, more of your giggles, more of your joy, more of your curiosity. I'm so darn grateful for these times we have together. xoxo. 

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