Friday, April 10, 2015

Dear Charlotte, 13

Charlotte Adeline,

You are more fun now than you have ever been. I love your 14.5 month self sooooo much! 

You are silly, smart, and stubborn. Every day you communicate more and understand more of what I say. Every day you wake up smiling, ready to play and read and eat and explore. Every day you give hugs and snuggles and forehead "kisses".

You have figured out how to take a few cautious steps while carrying a toy. 
You are a master at racing your wooden police car down the hallway. 
Yesterday you climbed onto the coffee table and sat there, happily playing blocks without a care in the world.

I taught you to say "baby" in the van last weekend. My heart nearly breaks to see your little mouth move perfectly to form the word. You giggle proudly and clap your hands when I say, "Yay!!" 

We both get tired, little one. My belly is growing and you are getting taller and heavier each day. I get winded carrying you up the stairs and I know you aren't getting quite as many pick-ups as I could give you last month. I try my absolute hardest to make up for it by giving extra kisses, and sitting with you on my lap, and wrestling with you on the floor. 

Today I pushed you too long in hopes of your nap coordinating with the other little boy I watch. (Selfishly, I was wiped and wanted some time to read or take a nap.) But by the time I put you to bed, you were overtired and hungry and just upset. I brought up some grapes and snuggled you on my lap, where I bit each in half and handed the pieces to you, one at a time. We read three more books and I swayed by your crib as I sang the words to "This Little Light of Mine." You fussed a bit when I left the room, but I saw you snuggling your two Screech owls, burrowing your little head into the mattress. You were silent within minutes. 

I wish I could say that I'll always be able to comfort you so easily.


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