Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pregnancy update 2: baby #2

At fifteen weeks, I'm finding all the stereotypical second pregnancy jokes to be true in my life...

I can't always remember how many weeks along I am. I sometimes forget I am pregnant. My belly started to show a LOT sooner this time around. I can't slow down because I'm chasing a toddler all day. I'm already feeling this little guppy moving. (Though, I think I probably felt Charlotte earlier last time than I let myself believe. I remember thinking it might be movement, but talking myself out of it.)

Other pregnancy symptoms: Trouble remembering things, bleeding gums when I floss, minor aches and pains, difficulty carrying Charlotte, easily winded. I am NOT nauseous (anymore), thankfully.

I recently read a great post about a mom not feeling bad for her firstborn when her new baby arrived. She said something like, "I'm giving my child a sibling! A friend! A playmate! I'm not doing anything bad or hurtful, or messing up his life. Having brothers and sisters is awesome and is a special gift for the first child." It really resonated with me and I'm trying to keep that in mind as I wonder how Charlotte will adjust to life with her sister/brother this fall. I'm really happy she will have someone close to her age to play with and make adventures with.

I also try to keep that in mind when I feel guilty for not giving this new baby the mental time and energy we gave Charlotte during my first pregnancy. This baby is going to be so blessed by having Charlotte as a big sister. He/she is going to benefit from living in Washington and having his/her dad be a principal, and his/her mom staying at home full time (at least at first). I don't need to feel bad that this baby's start to life will be so different from Charlotte's, or that we aren't constantly thinking or dreaming about life when the baby arrives. There will be time for that, and for now, this little one is surely loved with a fierce, powerful love

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