Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Charlotte, 14

Dear big girl,

I'm constantly blown away by reality: you are not a baby any more. This reality simultaneously breaks my heart and billows me up with pride.

Today before your afternoon nap, I heard you opening the bathroom cabinet doors. You're allowed to play in there, but since some of your favorite "toys" are medicines and shaving cream bottles, I like to keep a pretty close watch on this particular play location. :)

I watched as you carefully stepped over the edge, from the bathroom into the hallway, holding onto the door frame with one hand. The other hand was carefully cradling a full bottle of shaving cream. Once over the threshold, you tottered into your room and added said bottle to the already full collection of toiletries on your bedroom floor.

The total count was five items: a mini toothpaste, a mini aftershave, two shaving creams, and a travel contact lens case. You'd made a perfectly neat pile on your changing mat and were on your way back to the bathroom for more treasures when I interrupted to say it was bedtime.

I carried the items back into the bathroom and you carefully (and cheerfully!) put each item back into the cupboard before taking my hand and walking into your room once again.

Goodness, you are growing up so wonderfully. I am proud of you and I love you. You make me laugh and your life brings me incredible joy. I love you, little worm.

10,000 kisses,

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