Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear Charlotte 16; road trip

Dear Charlotte, 

Last Wednesday we drove away from the first house you ever called home. We spent ten hours in the car going to visit your uncle in Ohio, and then six more hours (two days later) getting to Michigan. We've gotten some great play time in already, and a lot of memories are being made. 

I never want to forget your little voice calling, "Momma!! Momma!!",  whenever I walk downstairs without you. I never want to forget your look of pure joy as you splash in the tub or dump water onto yourself with a plastic cup. I never want to forget how carefully your Dada held you as you ran into Lake Michigan, or the way you squealed as the tiny waves rolled over your legs. 

I never want to forget how many baby food pouches you have consumed in the last month [okay, actually, I do kind of want to forget that...]. I never want to forget how much you grew and how many words you learned and how many adventures we had at highway service plazas. 

This is a hard season, little worm. It was a sad transition to leave our home, and it's tricky to maintain a positive outlook as we travel across the country. 

But you, my daughter, you are an absolute delight. 

I LOVE spending time with you and playing with you and caring for you and talking to you. I love you so very much, my babe. 


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