Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pregnancy update 6: baby #2

How far along: 30.5 weeks

Total weight gain: about 20 pounds. With Charlotte I gained about 25 in the entire pregnancy, so I'm feeling a bit nervous to already be at 20 pounds- with 10 weeks left to go! Eek!

Baby news: we pulled a few boxes of baby things out of our moving POD last week. I spent part of a day going through it all and admiring the sweet little things we had stored. I realized this boy has more clothes than I thought... A pleasant surprise. 

Maternity clothes: nothing new, but I have a lot of really great clothes that I still like. My favorites are my maternity tanks from Target (so long and thick and stretchy!) and my new-ish maternity denim shorts. I'm wearing everything that's comfortable and loose nowadays, which pretty much disqualifies my maternity jeans. Maybe when it cools down a bit I will bust those out again. But maybe not. ;)

Pregnancy symptoms: tiredness, some heart burn, impatience, serious insomnia when I go to bed at night, multiple late night/ early morning wake ups to use the bathroom. 

Thoughts: I've been kind of weepy and sentimental lately. Also, overwhelmed. We are house hunting and dealing with a bit of the "18 month sleep regression" and adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest and figuring out how to make connections here. So yeah, I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed. 

But also-- I cannot wait to meet this little dude!! 

Will he look like Charlotte? Will he look like Joel? What will his temperament be? How will delivery go? What will our life as a family of four be like? So excited and curious!! 

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