Monday, February 22, 2016

Chats with Charlotte 3

"Dinner time!!!"

"Any some." (As in, "Any some tea, Momma?", or "Any some milk, Dad?")

"Work, 'puter, Dad."

"Asher, okay. Okay, Asher." (said very quietly to Asher when he is screaming his head off, usually with the same intonation I use when trying to comfort him with the exact same words)

"Bear. Back. One Minute. Stay here, Bear."

"Pray, Mom! Pray Oma. Oma sick."

"Use paint! Use dot markers! Use coloring book!"

"Hello!! Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Nate. How are you, good!" (Said into the DVD player remote which she thinks looks like a phone!) 

"Go this way. Go that way."

"What going on, Papa Bear? Papa Bear sick. Not feeling well. Go home, take a rest." (When reading a Berenstein Bears book about them going out to eat; Papa Bear eats three desserts... Oops)

"Bye, Mom. Going Fred Meyer, get food. Love you, Mom. Big hug!" 

And my personal favorite, as we pass Wendy's on a family drive: 
"Get French fries, Mom!" 
I laugh, and Joel turns to me: "busted!" 

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