Friday, August 30, 2013

18 weeks

We're actually almost 19 weeks today and hopefully by this evening we'll have seen our little one moving around via ultrasound. My bump is growing; it made an appearance last night for the parents of my students. I felt a bit awkward, but decided to just make it clear from the beginning so I wore a belt that showed it off :)

Sometimes it looks a little lumpy, dontcha think?

Week 18
20 hours spent working at the new school
5 long morning walks
1 spontaneous dinner from WaWa
60 minutes talking to co-workers who had a baby in May and gave us plenty of good advice
2 classrooms prepped and ready for students
40+ minutes watching as our little one waved arms and legs at us on the ultrasound screen! 

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  1. They need a like/love button on here. Seriously!
    So glad the baby is healthy and active! You look fabulous!