Friday, August 30, 2013

Our shy and modest child

Well, apparently our baby is either purposely uncooperative or just plain modest, because he/she did not give us a view of the parts "down there".

During the entire ultrasound, the baby was moving its hands and feet. Everything looked healthy and on track with the due date. The tech commented on how active the baby was, but then when it came time to check on the baby's sex, the cord was in between its legs. And despite repeated efforts to have it move around, the cord remained there and our view of the private parts was blocked. The tech said she thinks the baby tired itself out and fell asleep because it was not disturbed by her prodding at its butt.

We are disappointed to not know whether we have a little miss or little mister, but are thrilled beyond words to have seen the baby moving around and looking generally healthy!! One really cute thing is that the baby has long leg bones, which makes it measure slightly bigger overall. Basically, our half-Dutch child is gonna be tall & lanky. :)

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  1. So glad everything looked good, but sorry it was a "no go" on finding out te gender. Do you have another ultrasound scheduled?? I'm so excited for you!!!