Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby registry: part 1

Ohhh, the baby registry...

I have been saving tidbits from other bloggers for a long, long time. Way back before our baby was even close to a reality. With the creation of Pinterest, saving baby registry ideas became even easier. I could pin things from other people's blogs or from Amazon that I wanted to save for future reference.

Here's a link to the idea board I created on Pinterest, in case you are interested:

Since the fall will be super busy as I begin a new teaching job, I decided to start an Amazon baby registry last week. Truthfully, I was really excited to make a registry, but I justified doing it so early because the fall will be busy :)

I chose Amazon because it gives you the option to pick items from any site, including Etsy and IKEA. Plus, Amazon has so many products to choose from and these days, most people can access online ordering, etc. We will probably also register for a few items at Target, just so people have a brick-and-mortar option, but it's really not necessary at all.

In deciding which items to include, I referenced a few bloggers whose opinion I trust and read a million reviews online. Here are some registry guides I used:

Interestingly enough, Joel and I have very different outlooks on the registry I created so far:
Joel: "Wow. Some of these things are expensive!"
Kelly: "Yeah, I know. I went for quality. That's why there's just a few things on here."
Joel: "Holy cow! When does it end?"
Kelly: "Oh, I guess there are 60 items on here. That's not really just a few."

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