Thursday, August 8, 2013

The blessing of babies

Here's the thing: Joel and I love kids.

We love to play and talk and hang out and listen and be silly. As teachers, we both feel naturally comfortable around kids and really love when we get the chance to interact with them.

It's such an honor when our friends let us love their kids. Like, they have these amazing, precious gifts from The Lord and they trust him enough to let us be our crazy selves around them. They let us speak into their children's lives and invest in them and learn from them. I feel like our interactions with other kids the last few years have been excellent training for having our own. Which is sweet!

So as I mull over what kind of parents we'll be, I keep in mind what a blessing it is to be shared with. I believe it's part of my job as a parent is to let my babies be a blessing to others. That means sitting back and watching, it means inviting others into my home, it means offering up my little one to be held by friends and family, it means going on date nights with my husband while somebody else cares for our kids.

It means that while I long to protect my children with my whole being, I also relinquish control to a perfect, powerful God who loves them more than I ever will. I give up my fears and my selfishness. I share with my friends and family so they can be blessed and so my children have the chance to be loved by others.

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