Wednesday, August 28, 2013

maternity clothing, 1

I haven't let myself buy many new things for myself so far, but I have purchased a few and also received some as gifts from my mom/mom-in-law and friends.

Last week I used a gift card from Target and a coupon we got for registering there and stocked up on two long maternity tank tops to wear all winter/spring. Then I got a reddish men's zip up (size small) to pair with tanks in the cooler weather and long sleeve Ts in the cold weather. I made my belly stick out in the mirror to make sure it would fit over a bigger bump :)

My favorite places for maternity wear (so far!) are Target and I got three new sweaters for fall from Motherhood Maternity as gifts and they are all awesome, but I wasn't impressed with their pants selection. I'm excited for the weather to get cool so I can wear long sleeves comfortably.

Asos has a great selection of sale items! Just be careful: they tend to run big. I bought my normal size and both the jacket and t-shirt are a tiny bit big.... they should be fine as my bump grows, but I'm very glad I didn't order them any larger!
P.S. Here are some links I found helpful when making decisions regarding maternity clothing... It's all so darn expensive and I certainly don't want to break the bank when I still have five months left ever. 
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Snappy Casual (search results: maternity)

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