Monday, August 26, 2013

A quick PSA

We interrupt regularly schedule programming for a quick PSA:

This morning Baby 'Berts kicked me. And I felt it!!!!

My mind is completely blown at three things:

1. How obvious it was when I felt it. Like DUH, that's a kick.
2. The way this feels so much more like a real child inside now that he/she is clearly moving.
3. That nobody told me how amazing it would be!

I actually felt it multiple times, but most strongly around 10am while talking to a co-worker in her classroom. I told Joel it was as if the baby just woke up (and decided to go for a quick morning swim).


  1. Love your expression in the picture!!! :) too cute!!

  2. It IS amazing!!! Before too long, Joel will be able to put his hand on your belly and feel the baby move too - and even distinguish body parts! Crazy!
    Can't wait to hear whether you're having a boy or girl... :)