Friday, August 23, 2013

ohhh, the baby clothes!

So far the only thing I've bought for our baby is this adorable elephant onesie (which actually wasn't just for our baby-- it came in a package of 5 and I gave 4 away to babies coming next month & saved my fav. ha).

It's hard to resist the sweet, sweet clothing, but I've been doing my best because I know people love to give baby clothes (I sure do!) and I expect we'll get a lot in the coming months. My friend Rachel said because experienced parents knew to give clothes in bigger sizes, she'll be able to clothe her son for his first year without buying him anything. Amazing!

If I were made of money and thought it was wise to spend it all on baby clothes, here are some fun things I'd buy. Don't worry, I won't really buy them all any.

Any of these GAP pieces for little guys.

Skinny jeans for a baby. 10 bucks on sale at Old Navy right now. Steal.

Skinny jeans for an older kid. Could be for a boy or girl, I'd say. 

Darling dress for a little lady (in 3 pretty colors).

What an adorable swimsuit!!

Sweet little gender-neutral T-shirt. With fish!

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