Friday, August 23, 2013

pregnancy: week 17

Week 17
40 minutes spent at our prenatal appointment with the midwife
2 long morning walks
1 care package received in the mail
8+ hours spent at the beach with junior high kids
1 very happy dad who got to hear his little one's speedy heartbeat
6 hours in new job training

We went to our first regular prenatal appointment at the birth center this week. Everything was fine (the heartbeat was awesome!) and the midwife gave us a lot of good information about what to expect, what to watch for, etc. In an attempt to make scheduling simple from here on, I made the rest of my appointments up until mid-January. That's nuts!

If all goes well, we have an ultrasound at the end of next week to reveal the baby's sex. It's on the early side (not quite 19 weeks at that point), but the office closes at 2:30 each afternoon so we want to get it in before school starts. The midwife said sometimes babies have tiny cysts on their heads at 18 weeks that will disappear later, so she didn't want us to be alarmed. I had never heard that before, but we are going to the ultrasound prepared and hoping we get to know the sex and don't have to get another ultrasound later on.

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