Sunday, August 18, 2013

pregnancy: weeks 14 and 15

Whew, we're almost caught up here, folks!
This whole keep-the-baby-a-secret-till-the-second-trimester thing is TOUGH! :) There are a lot of weeks to make up for.

Week 14 was a real turning point in the pregnancy. After returning home from Granada, I had about three straight days of feeling nauseous and tired. Part of that may have been recovering from jet lag, but I think it was also baby-related. Despite not feeling great, we had a bunch of fun with our friends around the Philadelphia area. We took a walking food tour in the pouring rain and went to a baseball game. Nice classic Philly summer fun. :)

Week 14
1 Phillies vs. Giants game attended
2 mornings of training for a new teaching job
61 items added to an Amazon baby registry
10+ hours online reading reviews on baby gear

During week 15 we drove to visit Joel's family. We had a full week there to spend time with his parents, brothers, other relatives, and friends. The weather was gorgeous and I felt awesome. No nausea and just a little bit of tiredness and aching joints. AND, look who decided to show up, at the very end of week 15:
(See that real live baby bump there?!)
Week 15

720+ miles in the car to Michigan

6 stops on the way to Michigan

1 set of sweet little baby utensils + 1 soft blanket received

0 nights of sleep uninterrupted by bathroom breaks
3 new maternity sweaters for work (early birthday gift from Grandma Alberts!)

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