Sunday, October 20, 2013

nursery progress

Oh, what's that you say? This doesn't look like progress? Whatever do you mean?!

Last weekend Joel and our friend Ben moved the guest room furniture out of the nursery and brought Baby 'Berts her dresser from the basement. Joel put a few clothes away in the closet and made piles of the other baby stuff we've gotten.

When I came home I made completely new piles, including one for the thrift store. :) I also hung up the closet curtain (which still needs to be hemmed...) and set out the things I plan to put on the gallery wall. Then I made a big stack of tiny clothes that need to be washed before they fill up her drawers.

The crib will go where the dresser is now. It's the only spot where the baby won't be directly in front of the air conditioning unit that goes in that window. The brown curtains are coming down and being replaced by lace sheers that I got from IKEA. We'll install black-out blinds behind the curtains for darkness during nap times.

Our ERGO carrier and diaper bag backpack are hanging on the coat hooks behind the door. The new clock is from IKEA... I like how modern it is; a nice balance to a lot of old stuff we'll hang to give the room some history. Since these photos were taken we actually received our infant car seat and a little napper, plus we put together the IKEA play gym. So her room actually looks a tiny bit more lived-in, even though it's not yet. How exciting!

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