Saturday, October 19, 2013

pregnancy: week 25

Wait, wait, wait. How are we all of a sudden 25 weeks into this pregnancy?! My mind is really struggling to grasp reality here, folks. Time is flying and this week went by in the blink of an eye.
Week 25
45 minutes spent with an ultrasound tech who said my fluid levels AND our baby girl are perfect!!
1 new t-shirt I can sport to support Joel's favorite team
90 minutes spent vomiting my dinner into the toilet after a fluke episode of food poisoning last night. ick. 
3 baby gifts arriving via mail
2 hours spent digging and sorting through stuff in the nursery
9 fourth grade girls who are thrilled to know that Baby 'Berts is a little lady... "There's another girl in the class now! I know we can't see her, but she's here!"
1 leg cramp (mostly due to dehydration from sickness last night)
20 minutes spent with the midwife who was encouraging about everything but said I need to be drinking even more water, which feels impossible
2 weeks left in this trimester. Or is it just one....? zoiks!

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