Monday, October 14, 2013

pregnancy: week 24

Week 24

2 hours spent in the hospital, getting checked to make sure there was no amniotic fluid leaking: there wasn't!
380 miles driven to NY to visit Baby 'Berts' potential future boyfriend, Judah
6 new girly onesies purchased at a consignment store
3 days wearing gray over the growing bump that is our daughter
101 minutes walked to ease my aching joints & back
4 days of school (before a 4 day weekend!)
5+ pieces of furniture moved by daddy-to-be so the baby's room can be set up soon!
Sometimes I freak myself out that I'm not "big enough," which I know is absurd. But I get worried that the baby isn't growing the way she should, or that I'm not giving her enough nutrients.

These photos will be fun to look back on someday, but they're also helping keep me sane: my belly is definitely getting bigger. I need to relax. :)


  1. I can notice a change from your last post to this one! Your belly is a-growing, and you look simply radiant! So happy to hear your good news from this week! :-)
    Keep the updates coming!

  2. Your belly IS getting bigger and you look so great! Isn't having a baby bump the best!? Are you getting lots of stares/comments now? So fun!

    Meg Sortore