Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Your love is strong

Last May I drove north through Pennsylvania and into New York, all the way to the Buffalo area. I spent the weekend with my college roommate as she mourned the loss of her sweet baby at 12ish weeks gestation. My heart was breaking and tears streamed down my face nearly the entire drive. 

One of the songs I had on my iPod that trip was Jon Foreman's "Your Love is Strong." I balled like a baby, prayed like a mad woman and struggled to understand the complexity and sorrow that is life on this earth. I somehow mustered enough energy to get out of the car and put on a happy face upon arriving in my friend's driveway.

Today, I drove to work in Philadelphia and put the Jon Foreman CD into my player to distract myself from the ever-present traffic jam. Once again, I balled like a baby and tears were falling as I was hit by the beautiful, awesome reality that is life on this earth. 

Two days from now I'll be making that same exact trip to upstate NY, this time to meet and snuggle my friend's new baby boy. And I'll be carrying my own little girl quietly inside. And we'll be plotting the ways we can set our kids up for prom their senior year ;) The Lord has done such miracles in our lives and I'm speechless when I try to grasp his goodness and grace.

The past week, with all its uncertainties and fears and concerns over our baby's health, does not in any way diminsh the fact that Christ's love is strong. If anything, the past week confirms 10 fold what I know and have seen to be true: "Two things you told me. That you are strong. And you love me. Yes, you love me."

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