Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pregnancy: week 23

Week 23 was quite a doozy, what with finding out we have low amniotic fluid and the daddy-to-be leaving for a weekend wedding in Chicago. However, it was still a full, beautiful week with some growth and movement from little lady 'Berts. Plus, I wore my new favorite pants- maternity cords from Gap for the win!

Week 23
45 minutes laying on a comfy table watching our girl move around and wave at us
1 visit from Grandmom Nelson (who brought all sorts of cute girly clothes!)
3 days of hot, nasty, sticky, Indian summer weather
1/2 chimichanga from our new favorite Mexican restaurant consumed (I ate the rest for lunch 2 days later!)
0 cokes consumed
5+ times Joel called our little lady by name
1 huge, amazing, bright poster bought for baby's nursery

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