Sunday, October 27, 2013

pregnancy: week 26

Week 26 was a busy one! Joel spent all day Friday at the regional cross country meet, where two of his runners qualified for the state meet next weekend. Then we had a junior high lock-in, immediately followed by the fifth annual "Oktoberfest" fall part with our group of friends. All this after a full work week. Phew.

Now, all of a sudden, we're into the third trimester! People are making all sorts of comments about how I don't even look pregnant, but I definitely do. I'm getting "congratulations" from random strangers in the mall and ladies in the Target line asking when I'm due. There's a baby on board, folks. I think she's just tall and skinny. :)
Week 26
0 appointments available for my upcoming one-hour glucose screen. Guess I'll just show up and wait.
1 natural childbirth class registered for & deposit put down!!
7 hours of sleep in the church basement where I hogged two couches to make myself a semi-comfy bed at the lock-in
2 hours spent running around town looking for items on the scavenger hunt with middle school kids
1 performance for Grandparents' day which also equaled 1 half-day Friday for me!
2 sweet baby gifts received in the mail
1.5 hours spent eating Chick-fil-A and visiting with local friends
3 small bowls of chili sampled at Oktoberfest
2 tiny sips of Joel's fall beer (which, interestingly enough, didn't taste all that good to me.)
(And now for a realistic pregnancy photo. Sweatpants and my favorite T-shirt that's quickly becoming too short for the bump!)

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