Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ultrasound update

I didn't mean to keep all you amazing, kind, wonderful readers in suspense about the big ultrasound this past Thursday night. Please forgive me for unintentionally leaving the Internet world hanging...

Our baby's heart looks perfect. We aren't really sure why the ultrasound was ordered, but it appears to be God's good provision. While at our appointment, we got a good view of all the baby's vital organs, heart rate, etc.

Sadly, we also found out that the amniotic fluid level is very low. This is quite alarming and upsetting and brought me quite a few tears of distress and guilt, in addition to a near sleepless night. It seems like the baby is still growing just fine, despite having little fluid to swim in. However, my midwife has ordered a follow up screen at the fetal diagnostic center to get a closer look and see if the reason for this low level can be determined and/or to see if the baby has been negatively affected by the lack of fluid. She also very calmly and kindly recommended a natural supplement I can take three times daily to help balance the fluid level.

I've been praying for a miraculous increase in fluid to occur at any moment. It feels awful to be out of control, but somehow it also feels kind of amazing to truly rest in the Lord's care. Because now I really have to live what I've been saying I believe all this time.

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