Wednesday, October 2, 2013

tomorrow's ultrasound

Tomorrow we'll get another glimpse at our little munchkin!!

Fortunately, now that my insurance with my new job has kicked in, we aren't limited in where/when ultrasounds can get done, so Joel made an appointment for us to go together in the evening, at a hospital nearby. Our appointment is at 6:45pm, and as I anticipate the time, I'm filled with all sorts of thoughts...  

What if something IS wrong with the heart? What if we can't find out the sex again? What if we do... will that change us somehow? Am I more likely to buy silly stuff if I know whether the baby is a boy or a girl? If we find out, are we ruining an amazing surprise come January? Is the ultrasound going to harm our babe-- this is now the third one we've had?! Why on earth didn't the tech tell us we'd need another ultrasound? Has the rest of our baby's body caught up with its skinny long legs? My goodness, what if something is really wrong with the baby's heart? 

The fears and worries can consume me.

But I'm busy at school and don't have a spare second to be afraid. Plus, I can feel so many movements throughout the day that I know at least Baby 'Berts is active and strong. So there's that. :) And there's the fact that nothing is in my control and I serve a good, powerful God.

Anyway, if we do find out whether this baby is a miss or mister, we'll be reporting quickly to our family and friends. We'll post here, too, because I can tell you readers are a curious bunch ;) 

P.S. Do you read YoungHouseLove? Well, they're pregnant, too! How fun!

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