Saturday, September 28, 2013

pregnancy: week 22

 This is my "holy smokes, my baby is growing like a little weed!!" face:
 And here's my "Yay, maternity jeans arrived in the mail!" pose:
How about my "I bet my students won't recognize my hair but I'm wearing my new maternity cords" face:
22 weeks
0 tears cried!

3 days wearing skirts (now I have TWO pairs of pants I can wear to work! just one was getting old. fast.)
2 local pediatricians on my list to interview
1 ultrasound scheduled for next week. (Apparently after the last ultrasound, they requested a follow-up screen to check on the heart. Joel thinks the tech felt guilty we couldn't find out the sex so she ordered a follow-up. We'll see. I'm trying not to be nervous that something is legitimately wrong with the baby's heart.)
15+ kicks felt each day
2 pounds gained in just over a week!

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