Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby's first leggings

About a month ago Joel and I stopped in our local Carter's baby store. I was frazzled by the obvious split between boy clothes and girl clothes, and sorely disappointed with their tiny selection of somewhat gender-neutral stuff. Joel kept telling me he would support whatever I wanted to buy, but I didn't really want to buy anything. But I wanted something. I wanted to have a sweet little outfit to look at and touch, thinking about our little one all bundled up in it. We have gotten some really nice clothing as gifts, but I really relished the idea of having one little outfit WE had purchased for our baby. I left the store in a sour mood, disappointed and annoyed at myself.

Later that day, however, I got an email from Zulilly, offering me a coupon code celebrating one year since I signed up to get their daily deal offers. I found the most adorable leggings and purchase a long-sleeved yellow onesie to go along with them. The onesie arrived almost immediately, but I have been waiting over three weeks for the leggings...

Well, they arrived today and they are completely worth the wait!

I'm dying over here, imagining our kicking, squirming, long-legged child wiggling around in these leggings:

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