Sunday, September 22, 2013

nursery to-do

Welp, we have one last guest to host (hi, Mom!) before we turn our guest room into a nursery for Baby 'Berts! My friend Meg recently posted a tour of her son's nursery and I got all kinds of inspired! Check it out:
Last weekend Joel and his dad replaced the last two upstairs doors. Once those are stained and the molding has been put up, Joel will start tackling the huge task of painting the upstairs hallway which leads downstairs to our living and dining rooms. I think those things are on the to-do list before we actually set up the nursery, but I can start doing a few small things in the meantime.

Here's my current nursery to-do list:
1. Move the guest room furniture into the office (of course I won't actually be moving anything... ha!)
2. Choose fabric or curtains for the windows and the closet. I'm currently wondering if these shower curtains will fit; I think they'll be too wide.
3.  Pick good quality roll-up blinds that won't rip when we open/close them. Preferably black-out thickness.
4. Paint a few frames and lay out the gallery wall.
5. Decide on nursery furniture placement. This actually impacts the gallery wall, so maybe it should be #4.
6. Get the crib and set it up.
7. Install shelves for books at kid-height
8. Decide how best to keep the closet organized. It's a tall, narrow, shallow closet so we'll definitely need some props to help keep baby stuff tidy. 
9. Move stuff from bathroom cabinet into the new guest room closet; we'll most likely do our diaper changing set-up in the bathroom since we're using cloth and the toilet is right there.   


2 roll-up blinds
2 sets of window curtains
Closet curtain
Shoe hanger (IKEA)
IKEA ribba shelves(for books)
More baskets and closet storage containers

P.S. Isn't this nursery gorgeous, too? I'm drooling! 

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