Saturday, September 21, 2013

pregnancy: week 21

Yesterday someone asked me how far along we were and I answered one week earlier than reality. Good thing Joel was there to correct me! Tomorrow we'll be at 22 weeks, so today marks the end of week 21. Holy smokes!
A dirty mirror disguises my nicely curled hair. But not my growing belly...

 Week 21
15 minutes sobbing into Joel's shirt after a stressful day at school and a long drive home
2 crazy intense middle-of-the-night leg cramps!
1 steady strong heartbeat (does a fast heartbeat mean it's a boy? someone told me that this week...)
20 minutes with the midwife who said to eat even more protein!
1 copy of "The Birth Book" delivered from Amazon. Spoiler alert: so far it's amazing!
2 pairs of Gap maternity pants ordered
4 conversations with 5th grade students about the reality of our shy, modest baby. They too are dying to know whether it'll be a miss or mister!
7 pounds gained total since becoming pregnant (NOT just this month!)
8+ little kicks and flutters felt per day

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