Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The honor of pregnancy and birth

I'm so overwhelmed by the huge-ness of carrying and birthing a baby right now.

As I have mentioned before, the past two weeks brought three new babies into the world, all of whom were born to my dear sweet friends. Two friends have already shared their scary, bloody, miraculous, perfect, amazing stories with me. Meg wrote about hers on her blog and my roommate told me hers over the phone on Sunday. I cried at both. Mostly because it's just so darn beautiful to consider the God of the universe creating our bodies to do such precious work.

I went to a midwife appointment today and started reading The Birth Book in the waiting room. This is on my list to purchase from Amazon sometime soon; getting to read a few pages in the meantime made me even more excited and honored to be able to grow and then deliver the baby we've been given. Sometimes Joel thanks me for carrying our baby; I can't take a single bit of credit here...what a total privilege.

It's my prayer to safely bring our shy little one into the world next year. I hope I get the chance to experience the raw hormones and emotions and the rush of birthing without medication, but regardless of how things go down in that sense, I'm so so pumped to meet this kid who's wriggling and kicking around almost constantly now. And I'm so glad to have my handsome husband holding my hand for this entire ride.

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