Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pregnancy: week 20

20 weeks
2 new future friends born (for baby Berts to play with someday!)
0 mental breakdowns on the drive home from work
3 big kicks felt by the future daddio (finally!!)
1 crock pot of chili consumed
2 new doors installed upstairs by one grandpa to be
1 sweet morning greeting: "Good morning, Mrs. Alberts. Good morning, baby!"

It still blows my mind how my belly seems to change from day to day, sometimes even minute to minute. This week we got a lot of attention from students not in my class; my students are all down with everything and aren't easily surprised because they see the bump so often. Other students, however, were super curious and somehow seemed shocked that I could be pregnant without them knowing!

I can't believe how awesome it was for Joel to feel the baby kicking. He's put his hand on my belly before, but couldn't ever feel any movement. Last night while we were laying in bed he tried again and was like, "Wait, was that it?!" And it was! :)

Also in recent news- today I chatted with my college roommate (hi, Roommate!) who told me all about the beautiful birth of her new son, Judah!!!! I may or may not have cried a few small tears of joy and excitement. He looks perfect and I can't wait to meet him and hug her in just under a month. 

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