Tuesday, September 10, 2013

our first BIG baby purchase

I've been scoping out ERGO carriers for at least a year. This one is probably my favorite overall, and I had it on our Amazon registry for a while. I love looking at pictures of parents wearing Ergos online & I even had Joel analyze all the color choices with me last month ;)

In the past couple months, I've decided to start scoping out Craigslist regularly... partly because I was having a dilemma about which high chair was best and I figured if I could find a high-end chair on Craigslist, I might not have to register for any (or make an actual decision about which one was absolutely the best!). Anyway, I stumbled across a brand-new Ergo carrier that somebody was selling for 100 bucks because they'd gotten two as gifts and only needed one. 100 dollars is only about 15 bucks less than you can pay for it new online, but this was still in the box and had never been used.
When I asked Joel about the idea of buying it from the lady on Craigslist, he said, "See if she'll give it to you for $85." So I did. And she agreed.

One Friday morning I drove downtown with 85 bucks in my pocket. We met at a really cool coffee shop (... don't worry, multiple people knew where I was going and it was a very public/safe spot!) and the seller gave me the box while I handed her the cash. She was wearing her little guy in an identical Ergo and said she absolutely LOVES it.

As I sat in my car, I opened the box to look at the carrier and got a few tiny tears in my eyes and a sweet ache in my heart. I imagined carrying Baby 'Berts in there, all over the neighborhood and town and state and country.  I pictured Joel wearing the baby on special adventures and hikes and to Detroit Tigers games.

This first big purchase feels like a huge deal. 

P.S. I also put the baby's first toy, a silly stuffed turtle that we named Charlie, in the carrier to practice wearing it myself. And it fits!

image here.

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