Saturday, September 7, 2013

pregnancy: week 19

Week 19 was also our first week of school. I was pumped about my first day outfit so I asked Joel to take a few early morning photos... They were dark and blurry and my eyes looked tired. Ha.
The rest of these were taken on Friday afternoon using the self-timer with the camera propped up on my computer. Hello, my name is Kelly and I wear a lot of stripes.

Week 19
6+ hours spent commuting to/from Philadelphia
3 nights straight of junior high meetings
7 isolated incidents of feeling the baby move around!!
2 Cokes consumed
1 baby outfit purchased via Zulilly
4 days of cool, sunshine-y weather
2 times where I completely forgot I was pregnant till catching a glimpse of my bump in the mirror!!
10 days until our next prenatal appointment.

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